Type C 3D Sport Super Slim Black Rinn Trainer Dark Aged Jeans


Brand  GSTAR


Cut from soft, sweat denim, this seasonal version of the Type C jeans takes things to a new level of comfort. Made to push the boundaries of jeans design, the Type C offers an aggressively tapered silhouette with long back pockets and great ergonomics.

Super Slim 3D Fit

  • Adjustable waistband
  • Long rise
  • Tight from top to bottom
  • Fits small to size – bigger size recommended

FabricBlack Rinn Trainer

The Type C 3D Sport Super Slim Pants is crafted from denim sweat-fabric with a rich, loop-backed interior.

  • Indigo-dyed yarns
  • Genuine denim look
  • Extreme comfort
  • 78% cotton, 21% polyester, 1% elastane

Dark Aged

Skillfully finished with gentle fades that replicate months of wear.

Art. nr.: D04139-8606-89